Workshop Recap | Jan. 18, 2018 in Ontario

Southern California SWANA Chapter Workshop was held at:
Dave and Buster’s


  • SB 1383 Final Rule with Q&A, Hank Brady – Cal Recycle | View/Download Presentation
    Hank Brady is the SB 1383 Manager for the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle). In this role, he oversees CalRecycle’s efforts to achieve California’s ambitious organic waste recycling targets. Prior to this role, Brady worked as the Chief Legislative Consultant for the department. Before Joining CalRecycle, he served as a legislative aide in the offices of Assemblymember Marc Levine and State Senator Joe Simitian.

  • B.E.R.T. – Risk Management, Bill Cunningham – Cal OSHA compliance, Safety, Emergency Preparedness
    Founded in 2001, Community Emergency Management, Inc. dba BERT is a privately held, CA Certified Small Business AND Service Disabled Veteran Enterprise corporation coordinating a team of agents, first responders, software engineers and consultants to deliver a system of operations and emergency management to a business or group of businesses. BERT is a live, online, ongoing training program for civilian Safety Teams, employees, and their families. Whether handling a simple slip-and-fall or a systemic disaster, BERT teams stabilize the emergency situation until first responders arrive. As a result, a safety team can reduce response time, and increase situational awareness for everyone.The TitanHST/EMERGALINK app technology provides for communications, giving clients video incident management from a distance and accounts for virtually 100% of the employees and visitors on a site, virtually instantly. With augmented reality, stranded employees can be located through walls and elevations. For a small-type incident, an AED can be instantly dispatched with pinpoint accuracy. Emergency communications, using translation technology, automatically convert to the language of the receiver’s device to eliminate language barriers. Simultaneous text, robocalls & email will ensure that the message is received.With an ongoing online training curriculum divided into 11 modules, each month Safety Team team members are encouraged to keep the skills sharp to develop, enhance, and maintain the culture of safety in any organization. With OSHA’s IIPP (Injury Illness Protection Program) requirements largely met through BERT implementation, a facility can expect reduced recordable incidents. Near-misses are immediately documented and sent to the safety team for immediate resolution. BERT provides monthly safety team agendas and focused questions giving real purpose to the Safety Team. This is not a downloadable program that is simply printed and put on the shelf.The safety team is trained in a two-day program; thereby, becoming the SME (Subject Matter Experts) to the rest of the organization.The EMERGALINK system is scalable. For example, it has served BERT teams in a small senior residential community, waste disposal drivers in a large city, and even an entire Caribbean island nation. The training ensures that everyone can speak the same safety language, literally and figuratively.For more information please reach us at (844) 808-3834 or

  • The Homeless, Vicki Smith – City of Whittier
    Vicki Smith has been the Public Works Manager for the City of Whittier since 2014.  Her responsibilities include overall administration and supervision of administrative services, facility maintenance, solid waste collection, recycling and solid waste disposal. Ms. Smith earned her Master of Public Administration degree (MPA) from California State University, Long Beach.

    Ms. Smith will discuss the City of Whittier’s recently negotiated solid waste franchise agreements, including provisions to address cleaning up homeless encampments and maintaining an appealing historic uptown business district.


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Workshop Recap | Sept. 14, 2017 in Huntington Beach

Southern California SWANA Chapter Workshop was held at:
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa


El Monte’s Success Story – Reduce Illegal Dumping/Increase Public Awareness
Presented by:
Debbie Morris, Senior Project Manager, HF&H Consultants, LLC
Elaine Jeng, PE, Director of Public Works and Utilities, City of El Monte

School Organics and Recycling Program
Presented by:
Erin Rowland, City of Long Beach

In 2005 Clark County (WA) Solid Waste Staff launched a small pilot in a handful of schools to divert organic material from the landfill. This small pilot grew and expanded to all 7 school districts and 100 schools in the county reaching over 80,000 students. The program annually diverts over 1 million pounds of food scraps, 22 million milk cartons, 8 million bottles and 8 million aluminum cans. This program began as a single focused waste diversion program and expanded into a comprehensive education and behavior change campaign, transforming how schools thought about and manage their waste streams.
This presentation will focus on how to develop and implement school organics and recycling programs (logistical and operational side) and provide insights and strategies to ensure their long-term success.”

Safety Life-changer, Mission 2 Zero | View/Download Presentation
Presented by:
Brian Waters, Director of Safety, Waste Management
Brian Waters serves as Director of Safety Operations at Waste Management Safety Services responsible for continuous improvement and development of the safety processes and programs across North America.  Working with Waste Management since 2008 he has held various positions from Sr. District Manager over Collections, Transfer Stations, Medical Waste, Material Recovery Facilities and Area Sales Director of Northern California and Nevada.  Mr. Waters has more than 29 years’ experience in the industry, starting off as a driver for BFI in 1988 giving him the experience from cradle to grave. In addition to his 29 years in the industry, he has a business background including being a small business owner.
In his presentation, Brian will speak about Waste Management’s Safety Culture and how it has become one of the company’s core value. Best practices around programs, tools, and technology will be discussed.

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Workshop Recap | Sept. 8th, 2016 in Huntington Beach

Southern California SWANA Chapter Workshop was held on September 8th at the Hyatt Regency

Topics and Speakers Included:

  • “Trailblazing Organics Programs”
    Laith Ezzet, HF&H Consultants, LLC | Presentation
    There has been lots of talk about commercial organics, but less action than talk. Laith Ezzet described the actual programs that have been implemented by some of the trailblazing entities that have boldly moved forward with organics programs, including case studies for several cities that have negotiated commercial organics programs and rates with their franchise haulers. The theme that has emerged is there is no cookie cutter approach, and there is surprising variation in the types of programs and their costs.

  • “Is it time to put Weight Based Recycling Goals on a Diet?”
    Susan Robinson, Waste Management | Presentation
    Based on the theory that if recycling is a good thing, then recycling more must be even better, for the past twenty-five years we have embraced recycling and aggressive, high recycling goals. In our “bigger must be better” mentality, have we lost sight of what really matters:  protecting the environment? Is it time to do away with our industry’s obsession with weight-based recycling goals? They do not capture important upstream materials reduction efforts or account for the benefits of products and packaging along the entire value chain. This is a difficult shift in thinking for states, cities and businesses who have been striving to reach aggressive weight based goals for years.  Lifecycle Thinking will allow for realistic goals that have greater GHG emissions benefits. At the same time, lifecycle thinking opens the door for better program focus, targeting our dollars on the actions that will achieve the greatest benefits to the environment.

  • “Legislative Update”
    Glenn Acosta, LACSD | Presentation – N/A