The new topic will concentrate on the contributions Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts (LACSD), SWANA and the Solid Waste Industry, have made to greenhouse gas reduction for decades, as well as their continued support of state and national climate change goals. This will be a presentation that will be approximately one-hour, by Frank Caponi of LACSD.

The change has been made out of respect for many SWANA members that have expressed concerns over the timing of the previous topic at a time when the state is moving forward with an aggressive climate change agenda.


The solid waste management industry has been at the forefront of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions long before the term climate change was ever used.  LACSD have pioneered the management of solid waste as a resource and worked with industry and regulators to further the development of resource recovery in a manner that also reduces GHG and criteria pollutants.  SWANA has also worked to support these goals locally through its chapters, and both nationally and internationally.  LACSD, SWANA and the industry now work to further solid waste management by maximizing recycling and diversion of organics from landfills, and in cooperation with regulators, break down the barriers that enable biogas use to be expanded to include natural pipeline injection and directly as a transportation fuel.  This presentation will provide a historical perspective of solid waste management as a resource, the development of regulations that promote GHG reduction, and the significant contributions solid waste management programs have to climate change goals.

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