A “Young Professional” is defined as an individual in the solid waste industry 35 or younger. That’s actual age, not just how you feel.

What is SWANA’s Young Professionals Group?
We are a group of individuals who represent the future of the solid waste industry. We are passionate about the environment, our industry, and helping each other succeed. We are eager to offer advice, brainstorm ideas, develop solutions, and share in the struggles and triumphs of working in this business.

We are energetic. We are motivated. We are committed. We are the next generation of SWANA.

Benefits you’ll receive by joining SWANA’s Young Professional group:

  • Excellent networking opportunities at events, conferences, and online
  • Webinars targeted at helping you navigate the challenges of the solid waste industry
  • Resources that provide you with tools and information needed to succeed in your career
  • Opportunities to voice your opinion about the future of SWANA

New Young Professional members pay a special first-year membership fee of $100.

The renewal rates for new YP members following their first year will be as follows:

  • Year 2: 30% off of the applicable membership rate for the industry sector
  • Year 3: 20% of the applicable membership rate for the industry sector
  • Year 4: Back to full price at the standard membership rate for the industry sector
  • (You must be a YP member for 3 consecutive years to receive the discounted YP membership rates.)

Once your membership is complete, log-in to your MySWANA account to connect with other YPs under the community tab, interact with us on Twitter @SWANA or check in with the YP Linkedin Group.

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